April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Cake Pops

Iiiiiitttttt's Easter!!

What are your plans this year? 

The hubby and I are going to church and then having dinner at a friend's house in the evening. I'm bringing my step-grandmother's famous cheesy potatoes, known in our house as "June's Potatoes". 

Hey, when you have a dish named after you, you KNOW they're good. 

More on those potatoes later, but right now we're gonna talk about what I made for the most important part of the meal... DESSERT! 


Last year I made these adorable Chickadee Cake Balls, but this year I wanted to jump on the Bakerella/Starbucks/numerous-blogs-everywhere bandwagon and try my hand at cake pops!

Aren't they cute? I'm not going to post a recipe for this, since it's the same as the Chickadee Cake Balls, but I think they turned out pretty cute! 

The hardest part was shaping the cake/frosting mixture into egg shapes. There is just no good way to do it! I finally ended up rolling them into a ball in the palm of my hand, and then rolling out just one end of the ball to get it into a cone shape. 

They ended up a little lumpy, but nothing that a little sprinkles and sanding sugar can't fix! Just don't look too closely...

I wish my Easter basket when I was a kid looked like this! When I was young, we had very specific traditions for Easter that we followed religiously.

(haha, "religiously". get it?)

We'd get up early (of course), and run out to the living room to see what the Easter Bunny brought us. One year my mom thought we'd gotten too old for Easter baskets, and there wasn't ANYTHING out there. I threw a hissy fit. The next year instead of baskets, the Easter Bunny brought us new shoes. 

I was ok with that.

After riffling through our Easter baskets and eating a few chocolates when my mother wasn't looking, we were off to church. Had to get there early, or we wouldn't get good seats! After church we'd go to one grandparents' house for lunch and then switch over to the others' for dinner. It certainly was convenient both sets of grandparents lived only 5 minutes apart!

My mom's parents always had an Easter egg hunt that consisted of them hiding jelly beans all around their upstairs guest bedroom. Just in that one bedroom. Sounds easy, but man, my grandma could hide those little suckers! She'd put them in the crease of a bed sheet or in a doll's shoe. She's was a tricky one! 

At my dad's parents' house, they had a HUGE yard all the way around their house (which is on a cliff overlooking the Puget Sound in WA. Gorgeous!), and all the dads in the family would hide the traditional plastic eggs filled with candy (and a few with $$) all around the yard. It would take us forever to find them! 

We'd always miss a few, and my Granpa would find them a month later as he was weeding the garden or something. Sorry, Gramps. 

This year the hubby and I aren't doing traditional Easter baskets, but I DID buy him a chocolate bunny to find in the morning before church. And, since I know he won't read this blog post, and because I know he won't remember to get me anything... I bought myself a gift too. 

Cadbury Creme Eggs are my favorite. Thanks Easter Bunny! 

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  1. Cute! I hope you are not eating all of those yourself!

    I am pretty sure Mom is making June's Potatoes on Easter too, we are going there for a lunch around 2. I'm making devilled eggs, of course!

  2. hahaha... you sound like me throwing a "hissy fit" - my family has told me that this will be the first year with no Easter egg hunt because I'm TOO OLD (whatever!) I am very upset.

    These look AMAZING!!! It makes me so sad that Sara and I tried making these a few years ago... lol.... they did NOT look like THIS! You are just way too talented!

    Miss you! You and Mikey have a WONDERFUL Easter!

  3. AJ - send me some devilled eggs! Yours are the best.

    Jenn - what?! No Easter egg hunt? Blasphemy! Well, my mom no longer sends me holiday care packages from the dollar store. :( Very sad.

    Have a Happy Easter!! Say hi to the fam for me!

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