February 07, 2010

LA to NYC: the Official Countdown Has Begun!

The countdown has begun!! My hubby and I are moving from Los Angeles to New York City in exactly 3 months and 22 days!

We've been wanting to move to New York for a long time, to pursue Broadway. Let's face it. In LA, the musical theater scene is unanimously trumped by the Hollywood scene. There's just only so much you can do out here, and both of us feel like we've done all we can do and we need the challenge of 'being in the thick of it' in New York City, the mecca of all things musical theater.

With my full-time job to pay the bills, I haven't been able to pursue the stage as much as I'd like to, being limited to doing shows that have no daytime rehearsals. My hubby, on the other hand, works as a general contractor building sets and doing odd jobs here and there, so he's seen greater success than I have out here, but still. We're both eager to start fresh in New York!

For the last few months, we've been researching places to live, what it's going take financially to make the move, how long it'll take to drive a rusty U-Haul to get there... etc etc etc. There's a lot of things to know! Oi!

One of our biggest questions has been about the actual moving our stuff from one coast to the other.

Should we:

1) pack up all our stuff in boxes and ship it via UPS (and cross our fingers that our 10pc china set doesn't become 100pcs)?

2) use a bulk shipping/moving company like PODS and hope that they show up on time?

3) rent a Penske truck and drive across the United States ourselves, hoping we don't kill each other while we are locked in a stuffy, confined space for 5 days?

Such options. Excuse me while I go cry into my pillow.

Ok, I'm back.

So, in order to make some sense of things, I made a classic "Pros & Cons" list. To ship via UPS ended up seeming pretty unreasonable, considering we have a lot of stuff, and I don't even know how to ship furniture. Do people do that?? I'd think if you went the UPS route, you'd have to sell all your furniture and just pack up your 'stuff' to ship. Yes? Anyways, UPS just is WAY too expensive. UPS Idea = nixed.

For a while I was really interested in shipping via PODS. It's so easy! They deliver what looks like the back part of a moving truck, you load up your stuff, lock it up, and they come pick it up and drive it across country for you, leaving you the ease of flying to your destination, if you'd like. The only problem is: to ship from LA to NYC, it would cost about $3,000. Ack.

If you haven't already figured it out, we are not exactly rich. We're leaning toward 'starving artists' than anything else.

I wish we could do PODS, it just seems so easy and far less hassle than any other way. *sigh*

Which brings me to our current plan: renting a Penske truck. While it does give us the convenience of doing things at our own pace (which isn't saying much, since we just want to get there as fast as possible), and we can keep track of our stuff since it will be in our own posession... spending 5 days cooped up in a stuff smelly old truck just doesn't seem like fun.

We can get a good deal on renting the truck (due to my father-in-law's veteran status and our handy dandy AAA membership discount), but we also have to factor in the cost of paying for meals, lodging and gas.

I don't even want to think about how much gas those trucks guzzle up.
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